The frequency and severity of cyber-attacks is increasing. This is putting organisations at risk of financial and reputational damage, lost customers and pressure from regulators.

Cyber leaders need to manage these risks. But under growing cost pressures, few companies have pockets deep enough to bolster all of their cyber capabilities.

So how can we ensure you’re making the right cyber-risk management decisions? And how will you answer the tough questions stakeholders are bound to ask?

KPMG’s Cyber Risk Insights (CRI) solution helps you make the right decisions, while keeping your business’s exposure within its cyber-risk appetite.

CRI allows you to quantify the cyber risks your organisation is exposed to. It provides a crucial line of sight between the risk scenarios you face; the capabilities needed to defend against them; and which to invest in for maximum risk reduction.

The solution enables you to:

  • carry out systematic, consistent, data-driven assessments
  • quantify the likelihood and potential financial impact of various cyber-risk scenarios
  • target spend to best reduce your exposure
  • test potential investments by running simulations
  • find your optimal cyber-capability investment portfolio
  • answer stakeholders’ questions, and make investments cases the board

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