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Emerging Tech

Harvey Nash / KPMG CIO Survey 2020

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Data governance should be part of your boardroom conversations Read

A study on AI, humanoids and robots - Artificial Intelligence: Possible business application and development scenarios to 2040. Read

Enterprises need to create an agile and dynamic technology risk organisation to keep up with the pace of change. Read


Deliver growth with purpose

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The ESG journey lessons from the boardroom and C-suite Read

How KPMG True Value can help measure and manage your impacts Read

Global goals for sustainable development Question

CEO challenges and opportunities

KPMG 2021 CEO Outlook Survey – Singapore Report

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KPMG 2020 CEO Outlook: COVID-19 Special Edition Read

Getting the right CEO - 10 questions for boards Question

Cyber Security

Cyber preparedness is now perceived as a board priority

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Securing the new business reality through pragmatic cybersecurity Read

Cyber-security: Ten questions for boards Question

Cyber security considerations 2022 View

Corporate Culture

The Future of HR in the New Reality

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Is trust working hard for your organization? Read

How HR is shaping the workforce of the future and nurturing a purpose driven culture Read

Ethics and integrity Read

Boardroom questions

Boards have to cover a wide range of issues. Time is limited, so asking the right questions is critical.

Boardroom questions are designed to help directors frame their boardroom challenge.


A quick look at why Blockchain is important

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China’s development roadmap 2016-2020

A brief exploration of the impact of China's economic development in the market

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Cloud enabled back office

A quick look at leveraging the cloud in transforming back office functions

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Building a customer centric business

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Turning data insights into value

A quick look at trusting Data and Analytics (D&A) with Intelligent Automation

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The changing nature of disruptive technologies

How disruptive technologies are redefining markets, industries and businesses

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The fourth industrial revolution

What might the future look like for global manufacturers in a world where machines and products are more connected?

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Monitoring third party and supply chain risk

Identifying, assessing and managing the weakest links in your supply chain

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The global goals for sustainable development

Key questions boards might ask around sustainability and the United Nations Global Compact

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Why is risk an issue in the boardroom?

The importance of risk as a boardroom issue

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How businesses can transform existing processes with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

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Strategy – Where to play and how to win

Defining strategy and ensuring successful execution as an area of increasing importance for boards

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Continuous transformation

A quick look at ensuring organisations continuously transform and adapt in order to compete

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Doing the Right Thing

Does the organisation’s ethics and compliance framework align with its strategy and risk tolerance?

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Responsive & Responsible leadership

Linking social capital with bottom line performance

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Tax transparency and responsibility debate

Why is it an issue for boards?

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Boardroom Questions

Cyber security – what does it mean for the Board?

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Boardroom Diversity Survey 2021 - Poised for change?

Drive robust discussions about diversity in your own boardroom

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KPMG 2021 CEO Outlook Survey – Singapore Report

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Harvey Nash / KPMG CIO Survey 2020

This year’s report references both pre-COVID-19 findings as well as during COVID-19 responses. Together they give us a unique insight into the before, during, and continuing aftermath of the pandemic.

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Building a great board

Over 2300 directors explore how the alignment of boardroom talent with strategy is driving board composition and succession planning

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Calibrating strategy and risk

A global survey to better understand how boards are helping companies calibrate strategy and risk, and where the biggest challenges and concerns lie

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Global audit committee survey

A global survey providing insights to help audit committees sharpen their focus, benchmark responsibilities and strengthen oversight

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Global Female Leaders Outlook 2018

Female leaders embrace disruption, trust data and are realistic about future growth

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Leaders on leadership

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How lead directors are helping their boards keep pace

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