Climate change is arguably the greatest threat to our collective future. Society's younger members will be most affected, yet tomorrow's leaders lack a voice in today's conversations on this existential issue.

In October 2023 KPMG International surveyed 363 young people from 38 countries to hear what they had to say on the private sector's role in COP28 negotiations, and the priorities for senior business leaders. The responses - both globally and regionally - offer some compelling pointers on how private companies can help tackle climate change and its associated social challenges.

Key global survey findings

  • Young professionals have a high awareness of global sustainability challenges (58 percent), while 31 percent say they have “actively participated” or “stay up-to-date” on previous COPs.
  • There is a broad acknowledgement that net zero won’t happen without the business community, with 81 percent of respondents believing that the private sector “plays a critical role” or “should play a larger role” in the COP28 process
  • Respondents fear that less privileged members of society or those in developing countries may pay a relatively higher cost for the transition to net zero, potentially increasing social inequity.
  • A major enabler and possible barrier towards net zero is seen as political will, along with financing.
  • Respondents raised that there is a urgent need to develop appropriate capabilities and skills to power a new, low-carbon economy.

For more regional insights and action points for the private sector at COP28, download the full report.

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