​​​​​​​We want to show the world that young professionals are essential to overcoming Net Zero challenges. With thorough research on this topic, our Leaders 2050 team have created the Net Zero Influencers report, to share findings with you, and to show leaders that listening to young professionals can have a valuable impact on a business' success and progress towards ESG commitments.

The transition to a fair, inclusive and equitable future to tackle climate change requires representation from all generations. Tomorrow’s leaders will be inheriting the world left behind by today’s leaders. As such, it is crucial that the next generation has a say in today’s decision-making. Young professionals are a fundamental component of a successful Net Zero transition and sustainable future

What’s inside?

The Leaders 2050 Net Zero Influencers’ research comprised of four elements: a literature review, an audience-led Q&A event held at the KPMG London office with over 250 registrants, a public-facing survey, and a series of interviews with young professionals across diverse sectors.

We have summarised the recommendations from our research in the form of a set of actions, ‘Steps to Success’. Organisations can deploy these steps to maximise the perspectives of young professionals for a more inclusive and sustainable future.

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