A new age of cyber warfare is upon us. From phishing attacks that can illegally retrieve sensitive user data to denial-of-services (DDoS) that can shut down and distrupt critical infrastructure, malicious actors are increasingly employing sophisticated strategies to undermine the digital sphere — at both speed and scale.

The growing rate of global ransomware attacks underscore the current predicament facing organisations as they race to safeguard existing operational technology (OT) systems and assets. The urgency is palpable — a sucessful ransomware attack can paralyse business growth and cause lasting damage across financial, reputational and legal fronts. Adopting a resilient cyber posture is no longer just a business consideration, but a critical necessity to prepare, respond and recover from threats. 

Amid a complex cyber threat landscape, ensuring cyber resilience can help organisations overcome adversities and ensure business continuity — regardless of circumstance. In this feature, we explore the key steps that organisations can take to recover, build resistance and achieve resilience after a cyber attack. We also highlight the importance of adopting a preventive, proactive and reactive stance towards cyber security strategies as organisations gear up for bold new digital frontiers. 

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