Ten years from now, the TMT organizations that are thriving will be the ones that invested in their ESG strategy and ultimately their people. We are in a decade of the talent market where talent has more negotiation power than ever before.

Brock Solano
Principal, Human Capital Advisory

It’s a job hunter's market and Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) organizations are struggling to fill open positions. As past strategies to attract, retain, and develop talent have become less effective, getting a handle on hiring will require a shift in thinking.

New talent flocking to an industry in desperate need of workers doesn’t sound like a problem—unless your organization fails to expand its talent pools to include nontraditional candidates and retain this highly sought-after talent once hired. Learn why the TMT industry is uniquely positioned to tap into nontraditional talent, the skills that are needed to enter this space, and how to increase retention of TMT employees.

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