COVID-19 has not only transformed the world, it has redefined leadership. We interviewed hundreds of CEOs from the world’s largest companies to get their perspectives on how business priorities have changed and how organisations in Singapore are repurposing to make the most of the opportunities that a post-COVID-19 reality will bring. Key findings include:

  • Businesses are more purpose-focused than before with 80 per cent of CEOs in Singapore saying COVID-19 has been the impetus to re-evaluate their organisation’s purpose. 
  • Singapore CEOs are less confident about the global economy in the coming three years compared to CEOs globally. 24 per cent expect their company’s earnings grow at more than 2.5 per cent over the next three years.  
  • Singapore business leaders are focused on digital transformation with 80 per cent seeing their transformation programmes accelerate during the lockdown period.

Overall, three key themes emerged from this year’s survey which we characterise as Purpose, Prosperity and Priorities.




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