Welcome to our series of Perspectives which reviews the impact of COVID-19 on Singapore’s economy and business environment.

Rising to the challenge: Leadership insights from Singapore and global CEOs

COVID-19 has not only transformed the world, it has redefined leadership. For our KPMG 2020 CEO Outlook COVID-19 Special Edition: Singapore Edition, we interviewed hundreds of CEOs from the world’s largest companies to get their perspectives on how they are redefining their businesses in a post-COVID-19 reality. Find out more on what CEOs think here.

Perspectives 3: How does the stimulus package stack up?

Perspectives No. 3 shows that the stimulus package announced by the Singapore Government may not fully help with the crisis caused by COVID-19 and what businesses should consider in order to be prepared. 

Perspectives 2: COVID-19's effect on aviation, tourism, retail and F&B

In this, the second of our Perspectives, we present an overview of Singapore’s aviation, tourism, retail and F&B industries. What are the implications if crisis continues for the next three months?

Perspective 1: COVID-19's impact on the PMI and GDP

As COVID-19 cases rise globally, the PMI is plummeting to new lows in the US, China and Singapore. What impact will it have on GDP?

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