Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture


Enterprise architecture is becoming a leading practice within public and private-sector organizations around the world. 

Many organizations in the public sector are building an enduring change capability by creating permanent enterprise architecture programs while private-sector organizations, in particular large financial services, telecommunications and manufacturing corporations have implemented or are currently implementing enterprise architecture functions. 

These public and private-sector organizations are using enterprise architecture to increase the confidence level of executives in decision making around: 

  • business case for strategic change
  • innovations in business strategy, operations, or supporting technology
  • changes to enterprise back office, front office, supply chains, or delivery channels, including shared services, outsourcing and off-shoring
  • business value of investments in information and technology 

KPMG has assisted many such organizations in the design, development and implementation of their enterprise architecture based on future business requirements. 

Using the KPMG enterprise architecture methodology, which is aligned to market standard frameworks, we have helped organizations successfully roll-out an effective enterprise architecture. 


Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise performance management, data governance, business intelligence and analytics

An organization’s ability to effectively drive its performance and manage profitability is enabled through:

  • improved business insight and decision making
  • dynamic measurement and management of goals and performance
  • integrated business and financial planning across all functions and domains
  • aligned behaviors and actions with strategic objectives

This can be achieved through our suite of services, methodology and tools including: 

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