Governance, risk and compliance

Governance, risk and compliance


Organizations are facing increasing pressure as regulations around governance, risk and compliance (GRC) become more stringent. 

To tackle this, many are turning to technology to help them drive new compliance and performance capabilities and new organizational resilience.

An organization’s effective approach to GRC can help it:

  • protect and enhance business value by fostering a risk-aware culture, supporting informed decision-making and addressing multiple compliance and assurance layers
  • enhance operational efficiency by rationalizing risk management, controls, assurance structures and processes, and intelligent use of IT and data management structures
  • enable the organization to quickly, consistently and efficiently respond to challenges provided by evolving risk profiles and rapidly changing regulatory requirements
  • enable the organization to meet compliance objectives while improving performance by using an integrated framework in support of its strategic objectives

Through our GRC services and technology, we can help you develop a wide-ranging vision and approach for your organizations' multiple GRC processes, including:

  • strengthening the GRC organization and processes to address renewed stakeholder focus on governance and risk management
  • enhancing economic business value by helping improve cost efficiencies
  • capitalizing on opportunities and helping to minimize losses through enhanced risk management and informed decision making


Governance, risk and compliance (GRC)

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