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Own every opportunity at KPMG with our various internship programmes designed for students to make the most out of their experience with us, while giving them the flexibility and power to create their own career journeys.

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Summer / Winter

Exploration internship

This 10-week programme is an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in KPMG's businesses and culture in a function of choice.

10 weeks (Full Time)
May - Jul (Mid-year)
Dec - Jan/Feb (Year-end)


Head-start Programme

Work-study internship

A 24 to 32-week work-study program with industrial attachments and have the chance to fast-track your career.

24 - 32 weeks
Months differs based on university

Accelerated track
A chance to receive a priority offer as a 2nd-year Associate^


Take-charge Programme

Off-cycle internship

This 24-week program allows you to decide between two different internship tracks, and choose between accelerated or rotation track.

24 weeks
Dec - May / Jun - Nov

Rotation track
Priority Offer as a 1st-year Associate^

Accelerated track
A chance to receive a priority offer as a 2nd-year Associate^

^ Based on strong internship performance

Internships are one of the best ways to build your skills repertoire, while finding out more about the firm.
With KPMG in Singapore’s Internship Programme, you get full-on work exposure while gaining insights
into the various industries we work in. Plus, there’s also lots of fun to be had through a host of engagement activities.

Internships - FAQs

As an intern, you will work closely with teams of experienced professionals, undergo on-the-job training, and have ample networking opportunities. In addition, interns who attain a good performance rating may be offered full-time Graduate Associate positions upon their graduation. 

Internship programme flow

Browse and apply for internship opportunities on our application portal.

You may reach out to our Campus Team mailbox via email. Do allow us a few working days to respond to your queries as we may be facing high volumes during the internship cycles.

Our KPMG Talent Acquisition team will be reaching out to you via phone or email. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Application Timeline


The KPMG Take-Charge internship programme allows you to decide between two different internship tracks, and choose one that is most aligned with your career aspiration.

Accelerated track: If you choose this track, you will complete a 6-month internship experience with one business unit. You will stand a chance to receive a priority offer as a second-year Associate.

Rotation track: If you choose this track, you will have the chance to rotate between two business units to maximize your learning. You will stand a chance to receive a priority offer as a first-year Associate.

Meet our interns

Eunice Chew

HR Business Partner Intern, Central Services

Singapore Polytechnic | Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology

I joined KPMG in Singapore as a HR Business Partner Intern hoping to learn new things and have fun, and I definitely have not been disappointed. I look forward to attending different events on a weekly basis, and plenty of opportunities to learn from my colleagues.

I was given the opportunity to organise events such as the Graduate Associate Onboarding and Audit Senior Associates Milestone, which I found insightful and fulfilling. I am also surrounded by amazing colleagues and caring supervisors who are patient in their guidance. I look forward to the rest of my internship with KPMG!

Ivan Tay

Transfer Pricing Intern, Tax

Singapore Management University | Bachelor of Accountancy and Business Management

My experience in the Transfer Pricing team has been nothing short of amazing!

Being able to apply the Transfer Pricing principles I've learnt to a broad spectrum of clients to align their commercial objectives, along with drafting documentation work, really broadened my perspective of Tax.

What's more, team-bonding activities are organised weekly. I believe this is what makes the working environment so warm and cordial.

Gary Chong

Digital Trust Intern, Advisory

Nanyang Technological University | Bachelor of Accountancy

"I will miss being a part of this team" was never something I expected to say when I first started my internship!

My summer internship with KPMG's Digital Trust team was thoroughly enjoyable as they have been welcoming and helpful in my growth by constantly providing guidance and opportunities!

KPMG has also organised multiple fun events that allowed us to network with people from different teams, which further strengthens the spirit of togetherness!

Jericho Manguan

Private Enterprise Intern, Central Services

National University of Singapore | Bachelor of Business Administration

My internship at KPMG with the Private Enterprise team has been a real blast so far!

Every day, I get opportunities to learn and work with diverse clients. The exposure I gained from so many industries is simply amazing.

I am looking forward to learning more and enjoying myself from the team.

Given the chance, I’d do it all over again – in a heartbeat!

Joanne Koh

Audit Intern, Audit

Singapore Management University | Bachelor of Accountancy

From semiconductor wholesalers to telecommunications, I have been exposed to different industries and audit tools.

Upon entry, I was showered with lots of care and guidance. Through the many events planned, I was given opportunities to network and forge meaningful friendships and relationships.

Now, take the first letter from each paragraph and that sums up my internship experience here - nothing short of fun!