KPMG Business School is our leading in-house learning academy that provides you with leadership & cboard.

As part of our Take Charge initiative, you are empowered to Take Charge of Your Learning to upskill and build knowledge in your areas of interest and expertise. Be a part of our S$30 million investment into your learning and future, and experience learning in a more adaptive and ‘democratized’ approach with a diverse array of learning content across platforms and mediums. Take full control to define your own learning needs to meet business objectives and maximise your career potential. 

Technical / Functional Training


Join us and you can expect regular personal and professional development training throughout your career.

We offer a dedicated Leadership and Development department that ensures access to relevant training that will equip you to deal with the professional challenges you will face in your career.

Digital & Future Skills

Leverage our various training series to feed your curiosity, work with the best on emerging practices and technologies, and gain an advantage for life. Develop future-proof skills designed to empower you to be your innovative best, create business opportunities, get a competitive advantage, and deepen relationships with clients and colleagues. 

Leadership Academy

Your unique experiences and perspectives define you as an individual and as our next generation of leaders. Chart your own leadership journey to meet your individual career goals and ambitions. Together with our Leadership Academy, you can create opportunities to make a meaningful difference to you and your team, and have an impact to make KPMG better. 

Solutions Focused


As a KPMG Professional, you are the backbone of our client solutions. Equip yourself with the essential skills to be a trusted advisor to our clients. Advance your capabilities through solutions-focused learning to solve all your client challenges, from storyboarding & presentation skills, project management, and pitching & negotiation. 

Qualifications Support


Select the qualifications and accreditations you require for your role, and we will be with you every step of the way. You will have access to a wide range of support and assistance while you pursue your necessary qualifications, through financial support and sponsorships, exam leave entitlement, and peer & managerial support.

Some of the accreditation opportunities include:

  • Singapore Chartered Accountant (SCA) qualification
  • Singapore Institute of Accredited Tax Professionals (SIATP) Accreditation
  • Advanced Web Attacks and Exploitation (AWAE)
  • Certified Information System Auditor (CISA)

Fancy a change? You can choose from the wide array of mobility opportunities within the local and global KPMG network to explore new areas of interest.

From short-term stints, internal transfers, or global relocations, you have the opportunity and flexibility to expand your developing personal and career goals and ambitions. You can find the perfect role to thrive that is aligned with your needs, interests and capabilities as you experience life through its different stages with KPMG. 

Internal transfers

Browse through our dedicated Internal Careers Portal, and you will be able to find information about our practice areas as well as search and apply for open roles.

In my four and half years with Tax, I had the chance to volunteer and attend events beyond work which allowed me to gain knowledge, skills and connections in the Sustainability field. As my career goals and direction shifted, KPMG in Singapore supported me in the transition, and I am extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to be in the Sustainability field through an internal transfer.

Huang Qinyue
Assistant Manager
From Tax to Sustainability Services

Internal secondments

From time to time, short-term resources may be required for business needs within the firm. For you, this will mean always-on opportunities to gain work exposure in other parts of the firm.

Data Analytics was never part of my plan when I first joined audit, simply because I did not know of it. As I gained more exposure to Data Analytics during my audit journey, I got more interested in it and wanted more guidance and knowledge in this area. That’s why I decided to opt for a secondment to Data Analytics.

Kwek Yan Ni
Assistant Manager
From Audit to Data Analytics

My journey with Tax at KPMG in Singapore has been a fruitful one, giving me opportunities to work with clients from diverse industries and allowing me to learn and grow through my experience in the Corporate Tax Compliance and Planning department. I had the opportunity to be seconded to the Indirect Tax team earlier this year where I learned and practiced GST, assisting with client's ACAP and ASK engagements. Such experience allowed me to apply the GST knowledge I had acquired as well as to assist my tax compliance clients should they need any clarification on GST.

Joseph Tan
Senior Associate
From Corporate Tax Compliance to Indirect Tax

International secondments

Our Global Opportunities Portal provides international opportunities within the KPMG network of firms.

Some of the programs offered include:

  • Tax Trek Program - a global mobility program for tax senior associates and junior managers to participate in short-term international assignments within our KPMG network.
  • Global Risk Consulting Swap Program

Most of the managers I was working closely with had done overseas secondments. After hearing their positive experiences, I decided to give it a try too. My New York experience was nothing short of eye-opening. I was working on a listed client in the banking and capital markets sector, and New York, being a top financial hub, is where the action lies. Technical skills aside, I also learnt a great deal of project management and client management skills from my team. I believe these soft skills will be increasingly useful as I progress further in my career with KPMG in Singapore.

Yi Xin
From Singapore to New York