Embedded finance is poised to be a US$28 trillion industry by 20261.

New possibilities for the new digital economy. Embedded finance is heralding a new dawn across every sector of the market with an innovative, integrated approach to banking, financing, insuring and investing.

By seamlessly embedding tools and services into traditional non-financial businesses and platforms, it is essentially democratising the financial services sector like never before, enabling hyper-personalisation and extending the reach of financial products and services, streamlining user and digital experiences for consumers and commerce alike.

As an incubation space, our Embedded Finance Hub aims to accelerate the adoption of embedded finance across Singapore and beyond. With the support of Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), the Hub will focus on developing joint capabilities between corporates and financial institutions to create new growth opportunities, centralising and distribute global knowledge and best practices across all sectors.

1Source: KPMG analysis (KPMG Embedded Finance Hub report)

Combining deep industry insights with cutting-edge innovation,
the hub can help you seize new opportunities in embedded finance and steer transformational growth.

Benefits of our hub

By embedding finance, businesses are generating revenue from new opportunities, providing better client experiences and increasing customer retention as a result of seamlessly integrating financial products and services into their businesses.

KPMG Embedded Finance Hub is an ecosystem of companies across Singapore, Asia and beyond, providing the community with the opportunity to collaborate and engage new business opportunities.

Our hub membership offers a wide range of benefits, including:


Get connected with financial institutions, corporates, fintech and tech companies in the embedded finance ecosystem. Meet industry leaders and entrepreneurs, gain access to the latest insights and trends, cultivate strategic partnerships and explore embedded finance possibilities for your business.



Gain exclusive access to bespoke roundtables where we guide sectors to develop use cases for acceleration. As a member, you can get guidance on adapting customized embedded finance technology, helping you to build frameworks which will enable your organisation to navigate and revolutionize your customer journeys.



As a hub member, you can have access to our growing inventory of APIs and best practices. These world-class perspectives will help to support complex technical and regulatory challenges across a broad spectrum of industries.


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