We are excited to present our expert panel for this exclusive Fireside Chat. These industry leaders will share their insights on supply chain challenges and the solutions around embedded finance.



  1. Thurain Tun, Partner, Financial Services Advisory, KPMG in Singapore
  2. Michael Sugirin, MD, Global Head, Open Account Trade, Standard Chartered Bank
  3. Juan Madera Jimenez, Financial Services Lead, Microsoft Singapore
  4. Sherine Lee, Head of Greater Asia Finance, HP
  5. Walter Kujipers, Partner, Advisory, KPMG in Singapore
  6. Himanshu Srivastava, Head of Partnerships, TASConnect
Gain exclusive insights on:
  • The current state of the financial landscape in supply chain
  • Initiatives that companies have adopted
  • Benefits and potential risk of embedded finance
  • How companies can accelerate the adoption of embedded finance
  • What does the future hold?

Here is a summary of some key takeaways:


1. Customer behaviours have changed –

  • Customers have many more options than just traditional Financial Institutions, making the market more competitive.
  • Embedded Finance is about Financial Institutions extending their support and meeting clients at their point of need, by partnering with FinTechs and Corporates as enablers and innovators.

2. Data, Data, Data –

  • Arguably the crux of our discussion yesterday was that data is the biggest challenge for our ecosystem.
  • Data currently exists in disparate system - some data can exist physically on documents, and others on ERP systems, while also existing upstream or downstream.
  • While adoption of technology and automation will continue to help the wider industry to mature, the absence of a cohesive approach towards data will remain a challenge for Embedded Finance.

3. Community 

  • There is hope in this data-driven ecosystem as the increasing adoption of Embedded Finance signals that customer challenges are a driving force for companies to seek out a cohesive approach.
  • More than ever, is it important that Financial Institutions, FinTechs and Corporates (especially those who own the end consumer relationships) form partnerships to innovate and create new solutions to extend inclusivity of financial services and solve end consumer problems.
  • Overall, it is recognised that in this interconnected world, no one can do it alone. An ecosystem made up of connected Corporates, Financial Institutions and FinTechs is crucial in securing the future for all.

 Stay tuned with the Embedded Finance Hub for upcoming events in 2023.

Wednesday, 7 December 2022

5:00pm - 7:30pm

2.5 hours

KPMG Clubhouse

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