KPMG and Ericsson POC-2-Cash – a profitable journey to 5G

Industry 4.0 will help make machines smarter, factories more efficient, processes less wasteful, production lines more flexible and productivity higher. Cellular technology is seen as a key enabler for industrial manufacturers trying to enhance their operations, and it can contribute to all value drivers on the Industry 4.0 journey. With POC-2-Cash, KPMG and Ericsson helps you reach the full potential of 5G.

POC-2-Cash: Scaling beyond the Proof of Concept

Although 5G technology is well proven, the value of its applications is still often experienced as not tangible enough. With POC-2-Cash, KPMG and Ericsson are making it both tangible and profitable.

Based on our calculations, a factory can unlock the digital value of wireless communication estimated to 1 dollar per square meter per day, which in a factory of 10 000 square meters would equal annual savings of approximately 4 million USD.

The thorough methodology of POC-2-Cash can drive the realization of this value.

With Ericsson Industry Connect, the dedicated LTE network delivers a secure and reliable wireless private cellular network with a clear path to 5G. Together with local communication service providers, Industry Connect enables industrial manufacturers to digitally transform existing operations, as well as innovate new processes and services. With POC-2-Cash, industrial manufacturers get help to utilize 5G in a profitable manner. POC-2-Cash is a three-step process to explore, tailor and realize business impact together with industry partners.

Together, we explore 5G use cases at our Insights Center and on the factory floor, we tailor the use cases to customize the solution for the specific factory, and we ensure realization of business value. 

There is a proven risk for new technology to get stuck in "Proof of Concept loops”, and the thorough methodology of POC-2-Cash is designed to prevent that. With POC-2-Cash, we help clients to tailor 5G – combining three key aspects in every step of the journey;

Technology, Operations & Business.

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