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KPMG’s Transfer Pricing Services practice helps companies develop and implement economically supportable transfer prices, document policies and outcomes, and respond to tax challenges. We can help companies manage their transfer pricing issues through such services as:

To assist in developing economically supportable transfer pricing policies and in executing forward-looking tax planning.

To provide insightful advice on developing and implementing policies, procedures, controls, and systems for setting, monitoring, and testing intercompany transactions.

To help resolve transfer pricing disputes through various services including assistance with advance pricing agreements, competent negotiations, and arbitration.

Compliance and Documentation
To help manage risk within the current environment of detailed transfer pricing regulations, strict documentation requirements including DFCT filing and Affidavit in KSA, sophisticated audit practices, and significant penalties for noncompliance with an objective point-of-view.

Adapting to change
Forward-thinking companies recognize that effective global transfer pricing policies must do more than simply enable them to comply with national rules. They know transfer-pricing issues have to be addressed long before transactions actually occur, which can transform their transfer pricing policies into strategic tools for investment, supply chain decisions, and global tax planning.

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