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The art of achieving growth and performance – consistently and confidently – is a challenging one. As technology, consumer expectations, and society itself evolve, business leaders must build businesses that are truly fit for the future. When shaping their strategy and restructuring their organizations, creating value, and delivering better, lasting results should always be their end goal.

While striving to create value, organizations struggle to strategize, allocate resources, have financial sustainability, and developing spending/operational efficiency. They often struggle to drive change along their supply chains that includes transparency issues and lack of strategic resourcing, leading towards performance issues, and failure to meet business objectives.

Organizations must seek to optimize their spending efficiency maturity level by designing and implementing policies, strategies and frameworks, performance assessment, and trainings to articulate their organization’s needs and address them in an integrated manner.

We provide unique and innovative solutions with local adaptation. We have access to KPMG’s global spend analytics tools, maturity assessment benchmarks, SSOA center, accounting, tax, risk and compliance and local content expertise. We bring the right industry and technical capabilities and resources to our client to help create a high-level design/blueprint of the whole business or specific functions within it. KPMG is also a global leader in procurement and supply chain management, working closely with our global center of excellence to support clients from design to implementation and operations.

Our core local team is equipped with the relevant experience and in-depth knowledge and understanding of both the local and outside market that ensures the right solutions delivered at the right scale for our client. They also have developed tools and methodologies that could be leveraged in accelerating the delivery and increasing the impact. In addition to having high credibility in the market, we work with multiple global firms that offer support in local and global relevant projects. 

Our team of strategists combines insights, innovation, and experience to develop suitable strategies to ensure our clients’ success.

Our performance improvement capabilities include:

  • Operations improvement
  • Procurement, supply chain and local content transformation
  • Shared services and outsourcing advisory
  • Spend efficiency