Saudi Arabia‘s non-profit sector has a crucial role in promoting community engagement and encouraging individuals to take responsibility for social issues. Non-profit organizations (NPOs) greatly benefit from a consistent and reliable flow of financial support, which is critical for their financial sustainability and effectiveness. Through strategic initiatives and regulatory changes, the government is actively supporting the growth and impact of non-profit organizations. 

In this paper, we explore the evolving landscape of the non-profit sector in the Kingdom. Our objective is to shed light on country’s commitment to revitalizing this sector as part of Vision 2030, as well as providing a comprehensive guide for the trends, innovations, and significant advances that are shaping the non-profit sector in Saudi Arabia. 

Drawing from global comparisons and studies, we looked at the structural, regulatory, and financial changes that are fostering stability and sustainability within the non-profit sector. These changes create an enabling environment for organizations to operate effectively and sustainably, thereby bolstering their capacity to deliver services efficiently and generate significant socio-economic outcomes. 

This publication further highlights the significant developments and opportunities that have emerged within the non-profit sector, encompassing diverse funding mechanisms, digital transformation programs, and the establishment of supportive platforms. These efforts aim to enhance financial sustainability, promote transparency, and encourage wider participation. 

Through real-world examples and best practices, we provide insights and recommendations to stakeholders, including non-profit organizations, policymakers, and investors, on how to further optimize financial sustainability in the non-profit sector.