Creating impact through our commitment to Corporate Citizenship

As the world interest shifts to creating a sustainable world and a substantial investment in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESGs) policies, we present to you our annual corporate citizenship report for 2021 with our evolving strategy and focus on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 


In utilizing our inherent professional skills and experience towards creating an impact a number of milestones were made this year in sustainability initiatives and collaborations. Those efforts resulted in KPMG Saudi Arabia signing with United Nations Global Compact Local Chapter (UNGC).

A note of gratitude is extended to all our colleagues who have gone above and beyond in contributing their time and expertise, supporting the corporate citizenship agenda all together. To the CSR committee that brought these initiatives together under one umbrella. These combined efforts have showcased the positive outcomes of our values in working together for better.

Attached you will find our Corporate Citizenship Annual Report 2021 for KPMG in Saudi Arabia and the Levant, where we delve deeper into initiatives such as continued collaboration with AL Nahda Women Society, our investment in, and collaboration with Endeavor on accelerating growth of local start-ups, and several other areas where we were able to leverage our in-house capabilities for good.

We hope you find this report informative with a wider understanding as to how, we as a firm, continue our journey with the courage to lead change in society and evolve as part of it. As we embed corporate citizenship into the DNA of our firm, we plan to communicate on the programs, opportunities to contribute and the overall direction of the firm. 

Together for a sustainable world!