Latest edition – H1 2021

2021 has so far been  strong year for the global fintech market. As you’ll see from this edition of Pulse of Fintech, the rebound we saw in H2’20 continued into H1’21, with very robust investments. We saw growing deal sizes in a wide variety of fintech subsectors — from wealthtech and regtech to crypto and cybersecurity. If there was a word that could be used to describe H1’21, it would be: diversity.

As vaccination rates rise around the world and jurisdictions continue to emerge from the pandemic, fintechs and incumbent financial institutions need to recognize how far they have come and look at how they can keep building their momentum as they look to the future.

Whether you ae the CEO of a large financial institution or the founder of an emerging fintech, the road ahead is sure to be radically different from what you envisioned just a year or two ago. As you read this edition of Pulse of Fintech, ask yourself: Recognizing how far we’ve come over the last 18 months, what can we do now to make sure we keep moving forward successfully?

There is a lot of diversity in the sandbox program. While the majority are payments-focused fintechs, we are also seeing fintechs focused on remittances, point-of-sale devices, small mom and pop stores offering digital payments. Tamara is a sandbox success story. The buy-now-pay-later company has evolved rapidly and recently raised $110 million.

Ovais Shahab
Head of Financial Services
KPMG in Saudi Arabia

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VC investments surge and cross-border M&A more than doubles all of 2020

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