KPMG's Global Mining Institute provides Mining executives with access to valuable industry research, thought leadership, events and webcasts.

KPMG's Global Mining Institute provides valuable insights.

With commodity prices falling, and continued margin pressures, mining companies are under increasing demand from investors.

Miners are also facing one of the most difficult operating environments they have ever seen. The changing regulatory environment with increased tax pressures, as well as resource nationalism, geopolitical issues and disturbances, are just some of the challenges. Organisations need to demonstrate that they can manage their portfolios in uncertain markets, whilst delivering promises to shareholders.

Furthermore, mining companies are being assessed not only on the basis of financial performance but also on how they manage environmental and social issues. To be successful in this environment, companies need to remain adaptable and flexible to the changing market conditions.  

At KPMG, our integrated global network of mining specialists is focussed on the practical day-to-day challenges of your business. These include areas such as capital allocation, cost reduction, corporate structures and geographical diversification and divestment. We are deeply experienced in the industry and are knowledgeable of local laws, customs and practices. Our specialists are also aware of the challenges faced across the life cycle from exploration and evaluation through to closure.

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