Reshaping Romania 2022

KPMG in Romania's Advisory, Tax & Legal yearly conference

KPMG in Romania's Advisory, Tax & Legal yearly conference

Reshaping Romania

KPMG in Romania is pleased to invite you to its annual conference Reshaping Romania, on 7 June 2022, starting at 15:00, at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Bucharest. The event will involve presentations on hot topics related to the current business environment by leading KPMG specialists with experience that spans all sectors and industries, as well as by representatives of the authorities and business associations. The keynote speaker will be Fons Trompenaars, an internationally renowned author on culture and business and Thinkers50 Hall of Fame member.

After two years of the pandemic and in the context of new geopolitical tensions, the event will bring together experts who will offer solutions and ideas for a common goal: that of Reshaping Romania. The conference will focus on the rapid changes which are taking place in the business environment during 2022, in particular on the opportunities and challenges generated by new technology and the shift towards tax authorities requiring near-real-time transactional data. Speakers will consider, how digital tools are transforming companies’ tax administration as well as the way their legal department functions. The implications of new ways of working will also be analysed, as well as how to achieve the right balance between humans and technology in this rapidly evolving environment.

To register, use the form below or contact:

Ana David

T: +40 751 222 725

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Registration and Welcoming

14:15 - 15:00

Please arrive at the conference by 14:15. We'll be waiting for you with a fresh cup of coffee, ready to guide you through our registration process.

Why Reshaping Romania

15:00 - 15:10

Hosted by

Ramona Jurubiță - Country Managing Partner | René Schöb - Partner, Head of Tax & Legal | Richard Perrin - Partner, Head of Advisory 

Creating a culture which can deal with uncertainty

15:10 - 15:50

The presentation will ask what we can do to create a culture which deals better with uncertainty, and what leadership philosophy we need to develop to handle it. Alternative futures and their dilemmas will be examined. 

Keynote speaker

Fons Trompenaars
Renowned author, management thinker listed in the Thinkers50 Hall of Fame and consultant on cross-cultural communication

The future of Data Management and Analytics for Tax

15:50 - 16:15

How digitalization and automation will lead to more value adding output for business decisions. How KPMG in Romania's Digital Tax Tools help clients to be more efficient.

Hosted by

Daniel Pană
Partner, Tax, KPMG in Romania

Inga Țîgai
Associate Partner, Tax, KPMG in Romania


Victor Crona
Senior Manager, Finance Transformation, KPMG Sweden 

Innovation in Financial Services

16:15 - 16:45


Angela Manolache
Partner, Advisory, KPMG in Romania

Gabriel Tănase
Partner, Cyber, KPMG in Romania


Anca Petcu
Chief Operating Officer, First Bank

Cosmin Curticăpean
CEO and Co-Founder, iFactor

Make the Connection! Building the Connected Enterprise for sustainable success and profitable growth

16:45 - 17:05


Robert Maxim 
Partner, Advisory, KPMG in Romania 


Andrei Băluță
CIO, METRO România

Coffee Break

17:05 - 17:20

A refreshing break

How to Use Customer Data Strategically and Boost Your Business Results

17:20 - 17:40

Hosted by
Victor Iancu 
Ph.D – Associate Partner, Management Consulting, Strategy and Experience Design, KPMG in Romania

Valentin Radu
CEO & Founder, Omniconvert

Legal Tech and transformational trends in the legal market

17:40 - 18:10

Hosted by

Laura Toncescu
Partner, Head of KPMG Legal - Toncescu și Asociații

Alexandru Mocănescu
Partner KPMG Legal – Toncescu și Asociații


Nick Roome
Head of KPMG Law UK

James Thomas 
Head of Legal Technology & Innovation, KPMG Law

Andreas Bong
Global Legal Operations Transformation Services, Partner KPMG Law

Lena Ernlund Malmberg
Head of Legal Operations and Transformation Services at KPMG Denmark

Demystifying the biggest HR challenges for business leaders

18:10 - 18:30

Managing people - a critical skill for every business leader; Today's HR challenges and solutions.

Hosted by

Mădălina Racovițan
Partner, Head of People Services, KPMG in Romania


Elisabeta Moraru
Country Manager, Google Romania

Reshaping the State Authorities

18:30 - 18:45

Digitalizing Public Administration – A Status and a Vision

Hosted by

Alin Negrescu
Partner, Tax, KPMG in Romania

Dragoș Doroș
Partner, Tax, KPMG in Romania

Conclusions & Wrap-up

18:45 - 18:55

Hosted by:

René Schöb
Partner, Head of Tax & Legal, KPMG in Romania

Richard Perrin
Partner, Head of Advisory, KPMG in Romania

Networking and Cocktail

18:55 - 19:45


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