Change management & facilitation

Change management & facilitation

Agile companies? Customer-centric companies? Empowered and collaborative employees? Innovative environments? Going digital? Beyond fashion trends, these changes reflect a desire to challenge traditional organizational models.

The complexity of such transformations often requires external, neutral support in the form of change management.

What lies behind these two words – “change management”, perceived perhaps as pretentious sometimes? A real effort of information, communication, mobilization and commitment measures to help leaders create the conditions for change and to make the transition shorter and smoother.

When can we assist you?

  • Your company operates in a changing industry/ business environment
  • Competition is increasing and putting pressure on your margin
  • Your business model needs to adapt to technology trends
  • Customers’ feedback is not satisfactory
  • People engagement is low
  • Leaders collide when not sharing points of view
  • Your internal processes and systems are undergoing changes
  • You have all the transformation figured out, but “nobody is a prophet in his own land”


There is no “one change fits all” – every change is planned and conducted individually.
However, here are some ideas of what we can do together to ensure the proper mindset/ culture for success:

Change management strategy – fine adjustment or corporate transformation? Collaborative or direct style? Define your change approach depending on the available time, change degree, amount of human resources required.

Mobilization and engagement:

  • Identify transformation stakeholders and help manage them
  • Have direct interactions to facilitate alignment of the stakeholders around a common vision

Organization & processes

  • Implement new structures, roles, competency profiles
  • Implement personnel transfers while focusing on retaining key people
  • Train people for new skills

Deal with conflicts & resistance

  • Develop a communication plan and apply top down as well as bottom up communication channels
  • Develop and work with change agents
  • Coach managers individually

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