The KPMG Data Management team helps organizations effectively handle and leverage their data assets. Effective data management is essential for businesses to make informed decisions, ensure data quality, and meet regulatory compliance requirements. KPMG's data management services are often tailored to specific industries and business needs. These services are integral to an organization's data-driven decision-making, digital transformation initiatives, and overall success in today's data-centric world. Effective data management not only reduces risk but also enhances efficiency and competitiveness.

KPMG Data Management services include Data Governance Strategy & Operationalization, Data Architecture, Data Quality, Master Data Management, Data Privacy & Security, and much more. Most organizations understand the importance of data to their performance, but it is often dispersed across different systems, geographic regions, and processes. The problem of finding the right data across a large organization can be daunting. Converting your data into an asset to extract value from is an enterprise-wide job.

To be successful, your data strategy team should:

  • Manage data from the point it is created through to where it is commercialized
  • Lead cultural change across the enterprise so leaders and managers are not just “data aware”, but “data driven” 
  • Focus on data value – from identification to realization


We combine our industry knowledge with our data strategy expertise to harness the power of data. We work with the largest global organizations to tackle critical issues using data. This includes competing for revenues in challenging markets, addressing cost pressures, and managing risk.