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KPMG Digital Lighthouse Qatar

With 50+ professionals’ part of the digital team – is a data and analytics center of excellence within the global KPMG network focusing on providing data-driven insights and solutions to help organizations make informed decisions and drive business transformation. It leverages advanced analytics, data science, artificial intelligence, and other emerging technologies to assist clients in various industries with their data and digital transformation needs. .


KPMG Digital Lighthouse services are aiming to be strategic partners for organizations, helping them harness the power of data and technology to achieve their business objectives. It has been used across various sectors, including finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail, among others, thereby combining technology, data analytics, and industry expertise to help organizations unlock the value of their data and improve decision-making.  Digital Lighthouse helps organizations build responsible, trustworthy, and safe AI solutions. Further, KPMG takes a responsible approach to assessing the ethics, governance, and security in place around clients’ AI and machine learning technologies. The set of frameworks, controls, processes, and tools can help KPMG firm clients harness the power of AI — designing, building, and deploying AI systems in a safe, trustworthy, and ethical manner — so companies can accelerate value for consumers, organizations, and society.