From climate change to social justice, geopolitical uncertainty to economic turbulence, the world is facing incredible challenges demanding multi-stakeholder dialogue and action to drive positive change.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting takes place in Davos, Switzerland, from 16-20 January 2023 — with the theme ‘Cooperation in a fragmented world’ — emphasizing the importance of global conversation where no one is left behind.

Leaders from around the world participate at WEF to engage in critical dialogue that bring key issues to the global stage. KPMG’s global reach and broad expertise create a unique opportunity for KPMG professionals to bring people together, championing public-private cooperation and working with others to build solutions that can help build a more sustainable future. Together. For Better.

This resource center provides insights and perspectives on some of the most important industry and cross-industry issues affecting business, people and the planet.



Sustainable growth can lead to a successful and resilient business.


Modeling net-zero cities through digital twins


Technology and digital transformation

VR goggles

Digital transformation offers an opportunity to rethink how the world does business.



Talent and future of work

Group meeting

Traditional ways of working are changing and the future of work looks different to everyone.