CIT and advance payments calculation. Deferred tax and reporting to US GAAP and IFRS. Comprehensive tax reviews. Process automation.

Global Compliance Management Services. US GAAP and IFRS. Tax provision.

Tax compliance services are a strategic area of the tax advisory services at KPMG Poland and within KPMG global network. KPMG Poland as part of the Global Compliance Management Services (GCMS) has treated the compliance services practice as a key strategic priority.

In the process of providing tax compliance services, KPMG Poland uses unrivalled experience and dedicated resources available within the firms affiliated within the KPMG global network.

As a part of the tax compliance services we provide our clients with the following services:

  • preparation or review of annual CIT liability (taking into account the limitation of intangible services costs as well as the restriction envisaged for debt financing costs) or tax advances calculations as well as the preparation of annual return;
  • review of correctness of income tax calculation - comprehensive tax reviews including data relevant for determining the CIT tax base, as well as reviews of processes and internal instructions, guidelines or procedures regarding CIT liability calculation;
  • assistance with calculation of deferred tax for financial statements;
  • assistance in performing duties imposed on the Polish subsidiaries, which are part of capital groups reporting according to US GAAP or IFRS (recognition of tax positions which may or may not be revealed in tax reporting or tax provision calculations);
  • verification of the scope of obligations related to withholding tax, calculation of withholding tax and preparation of tax information / declarations;
  • assistance in increasing the efficiency of the income tax calculation process, based in particular on Lean 6 Sigma and process automation, including automation of CIT calculation;
  • assistance in the preparation of internal instructions and guidelines related to CIT calculation process, documenting, in particular scope of responsibility, information flow, reporting and key performance indicators.

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