Representing clients in the disputes with the customs authorities

Proceedings before customs authorities

We assist in all stages of proceedings, both before the customs authorities and administrative courts.

We support clients in disputes with customs authorities.

The customs regulations in force are regulated primarily at the EU level. The multitude of changes and often different interpretations of regulations in individual EU countries cause significant difficulties in their correct application.

For that reason, disputes between entrepreneurs and customs authorities are becoming more and more frequent. Entrusting the case to experienced specialists may be crucial for its positive resolution and limiting the risk of unfavorable development of the situation.

The scope of our activities, as part of support in proceedings before customs authorities, includes:

  • conducting a detailed analysis of the circumstances of the case,
  • presenting a reliable assessment of the chances of a positive outcome of the dispute,
  • developing of an optimal strategy,
  • preparing and submitting appeals, complaints, cassation complaints,
  • representing clients in all contacts with customs authorities and administrative courts.

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