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The new 2021–2027 financial perspective, the National Reconstruction Plan, and direct funds awarded by the European Commission promise huge support for the Polish economy. In the upcoming years enterprises will have the opportunity to resort to public funds for various planned ventures. Among the announced aid programmes, we see many changes advantageous to businesses, compared to prior years, which will make it possible to target support for identified needs even more precisely. A strong new accent has already been placed not only on research and development, but also on greening, digitalization and internationalization of enterprises. New size categories for enterprises which can seek broader support are also appearing: small mid-caps and mid-caps.

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When considering implementing a project supported through EU funds, the enterprise must prepare for the following five main steps:


Defining the aim of the project. At this stage it should be determined what the project will consist of and what human, financial and technological resources are needed to achieve the aim.


Selecting the sources of support. Measures at the regional, national or European level that can meet the defined needs should be identified, and then their availability should be verified.


Drafting and filing application documentation. Before commencing the project, the concept must be formally presented to the competent institution, in compliance with the rules.


Signing of funding agreement. If the project is selected for support, the investor will be invited to sign a contract governing the co-financing arrangements.


Accounting for awarded support. During and after implementation of the project, in accordance with the funding application and agreement, documents must be presented confirming tangible progress and achievement of the adopted aims.

Supported areas

Badania i rozwój

Research and development

The most important field to be supported in the next few years is R&D, a priority for growth of the EU and the Polish economy. This is a continuation of trends noticeable in the past, for enterprises involved in in-house activity aimed at developing new or improved products, technologies or services, which should lead to creation of a prototype or implementation documentation.

Wdrażanie innowacji

Implementation of innovations

New technologies are used to develop breakthrough solutions improving the quality of life of thousands of people on many levels. Implementing innovations is the basis for introducing changes. Projects awarded support in implementing innovations respond to real, specialized issues in medicine, ecology or technology. Programmes for supporting implementation of innovations are suitable for measures involving the market launch of state-of-the-art products and services, and for implementing new solutions for the enterprise’s own needs. 

Zazielenianie przedsiębiorstw / ESG

Greening of enterprises / ESG

In the area of greening of enterprises and ESG, projects are implemented in compliance with the guidelines of the European Green Deal. Businesses can apply for co-financing of investment projects promoting clean energy, energy efficiency, and pro-environmental measures at the stage of energy generation and distribution, as well as in manufacturing processes. Support is available for projects achieving more efficient use of resources, creating a more environment-friendly economy, reducing emissions, and promoting renewable energy sources. 



Another major area where businesses will find support is digitalization, which is currently one of the pillars for development of the European Union and is also a response to the challenges posed to society and the economy by the dynamic geo-political situation in recent years. These investments are aimed at equalizing digital opportunities for enterprises by introducing ever higher levels of digitalization and automation, developing employees’ competencies, but also modelling work systems meeting market expectations, including hybrid and remote work.

Działania na arenie międzynarodowej

Actions on the international arena

Instruments in this area are addressed to Polish enterprises with significant potential for exporting onto international markets. They encourage the development of brand recognition on the international arena, but also acquiring broader contacts and resources for the implementation of further innovative projects at the European level, not only within the framework of Polish funds.

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The measures mentioned in this brochure are examples of areas of support for businesses in 2021–2027. Support will be granted in the form of repayable and non-repayable co-financing, and in the form of loans. Support is offered under various programmes for national and EU funds, which also include:

  • Tax exemptions in special economic zones
  • Modernisation Fund
  • Programmes of the Polish Medical Research Agency
  • Connecting Europe Facility
  • EU4Health Programme
  • Digital Europe Programme
  • EU Space Programme

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