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We support public and private sector clients who carry out infrastructural investments in defining their investments, ordering implementation services and managing the investments. Assets policies and operational asset management are particularly important for organisations with considerable investment outlays and maintenance costs, and whenever strategy implementation depends on the performance of assets.

KPMG supports project owners with its leading practice which helps to achieve constant improvements in project supervision and management processes. KPMG supports project owners in their responsibilities associated with cost management, risk reduction and quality enhancement in investment programmes or projects.

We offer management support (procedures, standards, their implementation and ready-to-use audit tools) to assist investors/project managers in managing, monitoring and controlling investments.

Major Projects Advisory (MPA) is the tool used by KPMG in construction investments to support investors in managing the scope, cost, timing and risk in projects, offering services at stages such as investment strategy and management, investment preparation and financing, contracting, implementation and fixed assets management.

The KPMG Global Competence Centre has co-authored the ISO 55xxx standard (based on PAS 55). By applying this standard, production companies which rely mostly on using assets may achieve benefits such as minimised operating risk or increased asset performance. When economic analysis is combined with risk analysis and analysis of technical and operational data, this helps to optimise outlays for production assets and the performance achieved at each level of the client’s organisation.