As some companies work to manage risks associated with disruption, others look at the opportunities and ask, "How can we use these disruptions to become something new?"

While most companies focus on risk management to help them navigate new and emerging risks, others are becoming more proactive. Leading companies recognize that disruption isn’t solely within the purview of a start-up. Any company can leverage disruption to create new opportunities and break away from their competition. The question they need to ask is, “How?”

The key is to establish a risk view that goes beyond the defensive. This view of risk starts with a company’s ability to understand and identify signals of change for their company, their industry and the business world in general. When companies don’t see change coming, it’s hard enough to respond and stay afloat. But when companies know change is coming, they can find ways to leverage it to take their business to the next level.

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Our Risk-Based Strategies approach is not only a method for helping create value out of disruption - it's a mindset change. By thinking differently about risk and value, your company will be well positioned to deal with any changes that come your way.