KPMG Pakistan is a member of KPMG Global Center of Excellence for Climate Change and Sustainability and our team is member of the KPMG Global Sustainability Institute. We have been working together with KPMG teams across the globe KPMG in India, KPMG KSA, KPMG Bahrain, KPMG U.S., KPMG U.K, KPMG SRILANKA and others.

Further we have built business relationship while working with local regulators / research organizations in Pakistan in CC&S initiatives e.g. Pakistan Agriculture Research Council; SABAH Pakistan (Cultural Artisans); Pakistan Central Cotton Committee, Sindh Rural Support Organization; State Bank of Pakistan (Central Bank); and Federal Board of Revenue of Pakistan etc.

We aim to extend our services in line with Pakistan Vision 2025 that puts focus on sustainability with People First i.e., develop human and social capital and reforms for energy, water and food security and modernizing transportation infrastructure.

Major Services Provided – Our team has provided services with success stories for Sustainability Reporting and Assurance Services – ISAE 3000, Sustainability Strategy Services, Sustainable Supply Chain Services, Grants, Impact Assessments, Building Safety Review, Social / Human Welfare, Capacity Building, and Governance, financial and legal reviews.