Successful businesses often find their internal resources – from payroll to order processing - are fully stretched. Complex financial, operational, compliance and risk management issues can slip under the radar. Challenging business conditions can place additional burdens on managers. Key decision makers often look outside their organizations to help fill these gaps. It’s why the choice of business adviser is often pivotal to business success.

We support with:

KPMG advisers offer valuable perspectives, ideas, and options to help clients capitalize on opportunities and achieve their goals. We understand the concerns and issues you face every day and are passionate about providing service excellence to every client.


Companies outsource their payroll functions - delegating payroll administration to a third party with proven expertise in payroll processes - to get more accurate, timely and confidential systems which are compliant with local regulations and laws and based on the latest technology. Companies can then concentrate on their core business activities, saving time and enabling them to focus on what really matters to them. Payroll processing is an important, sensitive and time consuming activity. Errors or delays impact employee morale and can affect organizational performance. 

We can:

  • Process payrolls, including issuing pay slips and e-pay slips
  • Administer employee benefits
  • Ensure all payments are aligned with worker protection schemes (WPS)
  • Manage employee reimbursements and travel expenses
  • Update leave balances, including accrued and consumed leave
  • Manage bonus, overtime and incentive payments
  • Alert staff on expiry of passports, visas and other key documents


We have invested in a new, cloud-based bookkeeping platform which gives clients better direct access to a number of reports. This new platform also allows:

  • Accounting for monthly invoices and transactions
  • Producing monthly reports
  • Preparing payments for online banking systems
  • For those unable to embrace cloud technology, we can also store data on our own dedicated, secure internal servers.

MIS and KPI dashboards

We leverage leading edge proprietary tools and our experience gained from working with prominent companies in Pakistan for more than forty years to develop customized dashboards that are designed according to client needs.

Our seasoned professionals consolidate large amounts of company financial data onto dashboards - including charts and current status reports (often using RAG traffic lights) - so that key decision makers can easily understand critical information. Our dashboards allow senior management to make the important decisions needed to drive the business forward - as well as to see - and therefore deal with - issues before they become significant problems.

Process and procedural gap analysis

Our experienced professionals can review processes and procedures for single departments or for an entire company. We make recommendations aligned with industry-specific leading practice for departments including:

  • HR
  • Sales
  • Procurement
  • Operations
  • Finance
  • Temporary secondments

We help clients augment their existing management and technical resources by seconding experienced KPMG TH professionals for short or long-term assignments.

When you work with a KPMG TH team, you will:

  • Gain access to quality people and proven business methodologies
  • Engage with people who both listen to you and speak your language
  • Receive advice that’s clear, practical and jargon-free
  • Work with a professional organization that tailors its services to your needs
  • Choose and pay for only the services you need and want
  • Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from working with people who take their professional and ethical responsibilities seriously