Create and set-up of a new joint venture or business combination requires specialized skills in not only assessing the legal and tax environments, but also the capital market provisions in the local environment.

We can support you from pre-deal strategy and partner identification through to implementation and governance to power up your joint venture or business combination. We have global resources to connect you with local relationships and knowledge so that you have a full understanding of the strategic, financial, operational, and legal implications of creating and setting up a joint venture or alliance. We also help you understand the implications of the business combination on your entire business and ensure your long-term maintenance and exit strategies are an early consideration in the creation phase.

Our integrated team of specialists helps you focus on the key questions through the critical stages from creation to operation of a business combination.

Understanding the strategy

What are the key objectives for entering into a partnership?

Options appraisal

Where, how and with whom should I partner?

Opportunity evaluation

What are the risks and rewards and is this the best way to create value?

Partnership design

What does the partnership need to succeed?

Deal execution

How can I negotiate the best deal?

Plan implementation

How should I plan for a successful implementation?

Powering up

Am I delivering a successful partnership?

Deliver, optimize or exit are stages of the life cycle that a joint venture may go through with significant challenges. To meet the objectives of a joint venture or alliance often requires close management of sensitive relationships (often across cultures and borders), in addition to the usual contractual and operating challenges of a business. Using a non-traditional, tailored approach to meet your needs, our globally experienced joint venture practitioners can help to preserve maximum value throughout the life cycle.

Our integrated team of specialists helps you focus on the key questions through the critical stages from issue identification to operating optimization or exit.

Reviewing current status

Is the joint venture / alliance fit for purpose and delivering its objectives?

Diagnosing issues and designing solutions

Why is the joint venture / alliance not fit for purpose and what options are available to reset or optimize the business?

Developing and executing the transformation plan

What needs to be done and how do I ensure that I execute the plan effectively?

Assessing the governance and reporting functions

Are governance and reporting structures meeting their objectives?

Evaluating exit options

Is the joint venture / alliance a sustainable business or is exiting a feasible alternative?