Disruption is the new norm for technology risk

Disruption is the new norm for technology risk

Seizing control over the technology environment

Welcome to the fourth Industrial Revolution

Seizing control over the technology environment: It's absolutely vital, but consistently elusive. From banks, to hospitals, to manufacturers, to technology companies, that's the reality facing organizations in almost every industry today. Why?

For one, software and systems increasingly power the core activities of the business. Technology is embedded into most critical operating processes, supporting the work of both back-and front-end functions. That means the implications of mistakes, failures, or breaches can be severe from an operational, financial and reputational standpoint. A 2017 survey of more than 4,000 global CIOs by KPMG International and Harvey Nash found IT leadesr are wholly focused on navigating uncertainty in light of political, business and social change. Adding to the uncertaintyis the relentless rise of organizations being subject to "major" cyber attacks. In fact, cybersecurity vulnerability is now at an all-time high.

Second, we are living in disruptive world. Data is proliferating and technology is becoming more complex. From automation, to artificial intelligence (AI), to the Internet of Things (IoT), to big data, to customer-facing apps and digital services, the rapid pace of technological change represents one of the biggest threats to today's businesses.


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Disruption is the new norm for technology risk

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