The 2018 Global CEO Outlook finds chief executives optimistic about the economy and excited by the growth opportunities offered by disruption. At the same time, CEOs are managing their exposure to a range of headwinds. Driving growth will require CEOs to combine equal amounts of resourcefulness and realism.


Growth headwinds

CEOs' ability to fulfill their growth ambitions is challenged by significant uncertainty. In a volatile world, geopolitics has hit the boardroom. Cyber risk can slow technology-driven growth. And CEOs are concerned that their organization's brand is out of step with the aspirations of crucial generations, for Millennials and beyond.


Realistic Growth

CEOs are confident in national, global and industry growth prospects. However, their optimism is tempered by a healthy dose of pragmatism, with most predicting cautious growth. As traditional products and services become obsolete in a digital world, CEOs are seeking new digital propositions and defining success with performance indicators beyond target revenue.


Digital gets personal

CEOs are stepping up to the challenge of an uncertain world. They are using new digital technologies to grow and reshape their business, taking responsibility for securing consumers' trust, and transforming their workforces for a future where smart machines augment human workers.


Instinct over data

With customer demands continually changing and the technology landscape in a constant state of flux, CEOs believe that agility is the dominant currency of business. They are combining their experience and intuition with data-driven, predictive intelligence to spot new growth opportunities.



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