Continuous Auditing (CA) and Continuous Monitoring (CM) – a periodical or continuous process of data analysis, used in the auditing and decision-making processes, enables a constant supervision over risk, the quality of control mechanisms, and the efficiency of processes. Through CACM, process efficiency can be performed as often as the data in the system is refreshed. Implementing CACM not only contributes to obtaining efficient assurance and insight, but often also provides insight into potential ways to establish reliable and efficient business processes.

Continuous Auditing (CA) is automated monitoring of exceptions thereby providing management real-time / periodic assurance on exceptions and potential red flags. This improves the overall maturity of corporate governance and improves audit efficiencies by focusing on human intelligence elements of audit.

Continuous Monitoring (CM) is automated monitoring of an ongoing process thereby providing management real-time/periodic assurance of compliance in terms of KPIs, policies and efficient functioning of the Company.

Key functionalities of CACM

Interactive Dashboards

Transforming large data sets into intelligent, dynamic and interactive dashboards that can integrate all kinds of data systems and formats.

Business Insights

Generating actionable assurance insight to facilitate decision making.

Continuous Monitoring

Cransforms large data sets into Intelligent, dynamic and interactive dashboards. Connects and Integrates with all kinds of data systems and formats.

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