Even the most capable business leaders often need additional resources to tackle the intense challenges of financial restructuring and debt refinancing. We help to address the concerns of both borrowers and lenders, delivering real results by drawing on our team’s specialist skills to help you:

  • undertake a liquidity analysis and determine the company’s liquidity ratio
  • assess the company’s performance, business plan and restructuring options
  • gain stakeholder support
  • develop an achievable plan of action that builds in contingencies
  • implement the restructuring efficiently and effectively
  • monitor ongoing performance and identify any variances.

Our integrated team of specialists helps you ask and answer the key questions with confidence as you navigate a corporate restructuring to achieve sustainable strategic, operational and financial change.

Appraisal and stabilization: Do I have enough liquidity to keep operating?

Find strategies to potential shortfalls with a detailed liquidity analysis and assessment of stakeholder priorities to ensure support for a restructuring, refinancing or debt/equity swap.

Building refinancing and option analysis models to compare different refinancing options, support strategic decisions and estimate range of realisable values.

Developing detailed monthly, weekly, and/or daily cash flow models to help clients to plan and monitor cash flows of the businesses and assist communication with financial institutions. 


Options assessment: Do I know what has gone wrong and how to fix it?

Challenge the current strategy, business plan and even management team to assess whether they can turn the business around, so you can identify and implement the changes needed to help maximize your value potential.


Inter-stakeholder negotiations: How do I keep everyone engaged in negotiations?

Identify points of leverage and determine a strategy for stakeholder negotiations that allows continued support for business performance and cash flow. 


Development of options: What sustainable capital structure offers the best prospect of success?

Develop a range of implementable capital structure options and maintain contingency plans that take stakeholder appetite and motivation into account. 


Implementation: How can I reconcile all stakeholder positions to implement the new capital structure?

Make a smooth transition by drafting the necessary term sheets and final agreements, determining whether lock-up arrangements are needed and enhancing value from the execution of any disposals. 


Ongoing monitoring: How do I ensure that the business is supported through its recovery?

Monitor performance against agreed-upon benchmarks and business plans and address any variances from forecast performance to help maximize value.

Our integrated team of specialists has the capabilities to help unlock value at each stage gate and execute decisions to achieve real results. We help you assess financial performance and liquidity, review your immediate value options and address any potential risks to stability to prevent value erosion and ensure a speedy recovery 


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