Innovation can sometimes bring to mind images of research and development (‘R&D’) conducted in a laboratory setting. The truth is that the types of activities that the Government wants to incentivise are much wider than is typically thought.

A recent list of R&D funding recipients from the government highlighted many successfully funded projects in the five key industry areas that comprise the bulk of the Māori economy asset base: Agribusiness, forestry, aquaculture, manufacturing, and property and construction. With our people in all these areas, accessing R&D incentives can help support and accelerate your projects. If you are making improvements to your processes, products or services, then R&D incentives can support your activities to stimulate further growth and create sustainable returns for your stakeholders.

How we can help

We specialise in navigating R&D incentives and the wider ecosystem of Government grants. Understanding the relevant opportunities available, the requirements to access them, and aligning them with your business needs and growth strategies. We can assist you with identifying innovation activities, preparing an application, and managing the funding process.

So, if you’re engaging in activities that seek to improve your business operations in any way, don’t assume these won’t qualify simply because they don’t fit the traditional image of white lab coats and test tubes. Get in touch - the scope of R&D Incentives is broader than you might think.

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