The Net Zero Readiness Index (NZRI) compares the progress of 32 countries in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and assesses their ability to achieve Net Zero by 2050.

It considers 103 indicators which have been split between national preparedness, which considers a country's national commitment to decarbonise, its past decarbonisation performance and the national enabling environment for decarbonisation; and sector readiness, covering the five highest-emitting sectors: electricity and heat; transport; buildings; industry; and agriculture, land use and forestry. 

So, where does New Zealand stand? 

NZRI Rankings

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Ready, steady, go?

It is exciting to see New Zealand rank highly and it’s a tribute to the hard work of some of our core sectors. While there cause to celebrate our progress, we cannot take our foot off the gas (metaphorically). Net Zero is both ambitious and essential. It requires transformational change across every industry, sector and business.

We're ready. Will you join us?

New Zealand scores

Sector breakdown

Redefining 'world-leading'

The news is good for New Zealand’s Agri-Food sector as the industry is ranked first out of 32 countries. The report is telling us that the work that has been, and continues to be, done across the industry through initiatives like the New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre and He Waka Eka Noa is positioning our industry to be a global leader in climate-aligned food and fibre production. But if we are truly global leaders, we should be setting the standard higher... 

Smoothing the road to net zero

New Zealand is ranked 23 out of 25 leading countries for our Transport sector. It makes up 47% of New Zealand’s carbon emissions and is our fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions. But work has been and is in motion to reduce our emissions. There is tension between the pace of change needed, and the time needed for New Zealanders and organisations to make significant, long-term changes in how they get around. It's challenge New Zealand can't shy away from. 

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Net Zero Readiness Index

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