General Insurance Update 2019

General Insurance Update 2019

Building resilience in an evolving world.

Our 2019 General Insurance Update highlights industry views and provides commentary around trends, challenges and opportunities influencing the New Zealand insurance industry.

Contributors to this edition have focused on executive perspectives and themes of sustainability and resilience, customer and conduct and accounting change.  We also hear from Insurance Council of New Zealand CEO, Tim Grafton, on regulatory and legislative change from an industry perspective.  

The release of this year’s publication also marks the inaugural launch of our General Insurance Insights Dashboard, which brings to life key financial information from general insurers’ filed financial statements in a publicly-available online interactive dashboard.

Dashboard link:

2019 New Zealand General Insurance Insights Dashboard

The dashboard includes the financial position and results up to 30 June 2019 of all New Zealand general insurers and contains a range of interactive charts and graphs presenting key industry metrics for the past five years. 

Thank you to Jefferson Gibbs, our Australian counterparts and our local Lighthouse data and analytics team for their part in bringing the dashboards to life.

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