Globally, the debate on the adequacy of women on corporate boards has gained momentum. Boards have traditionally acknowledged the need for gender and other forms of diversity around the board table, however, this has not translated to significant increase in women representation on Boards. In addition to improved financial performance, strong representation of women in the boardroom can play a significant role in breaking down gender stereotypes across companies and industries.

The KPMG Board Interview Series is an initiative of the KPMG Nigeria  Board Governance Centre that features conversations with directors, business leaders, and governance luminaries to explore emerging issues and pressing challenges facing boards today.

We are delighted to present the maiden edition of the interview series in collaboration with the Women Corporate Directors (WCD) Foundation - Nigeria chapter. WCD is one of the world largest and most influential membership organisations advocating for more women on the boards of public and large private companies globally. 

This edition focuses on discussions with some of the top women directors in Nigeria on their journey to the Boardroom, challenges faced in driving better gender diversity and their recommendations on how women can better position themselves to take up roles on Boards.

We hope that the insights shared will help you facilitate robust boardroom discussions about the challenges and opportunities that can influence your Board’s position on its current and future composition.

While the featured individual director views offer varying perspectives, the interviews did offer some universal takeaways that should be worthwhile for all boards to consider.

Tomi Adepoju
Partner and Head,
KPMG Nigeria Board Governance Centre

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