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KPMG Data Protection Navigator helps you gain smart insights and innovatively manage new and emerging complexities in data and privacy.

Compliance is often a complex process, protection of data and privacy included. Many are unsure of where to begin, and unaware of the skills and resources required to manage them. There is immense risk to the organization if regulatory requirements are not in place. But gaining trust is a necessity to any business – in how the organization manages the security of the personal data of its customers.

The challenge is in embedding privacy throughout the organization. This is crucially needed to stay on top of complex local privacy regulations, particularly with increased volumes of data collection and often cross-functional usage within the organization.

Our Data Privacy professionals have developed a unique approach to help deliver faster, cost-effective means to help organizations take on this challenge of managing and mitigating data privacy related risk.

KPMG’s Data Protection Navigator is a digital tool that allows you to take the first step in the process of compliance. Or, if you are already in the journey of achieving compliance, to know the current posture of your organization in this journey – an assessment process that is easy to use anywhere, anytime and using any device.

Our tool offers users an opportunity to self-assess and understand the current state of privacy compliance across multiple roles, locations, and business functions within the organization. It will provide guidance to the next steps of remediation and enhancement through a simple-to-understand maturity and benchmark reporting dashboard with recommendations that are based on global, and industry best-practice insights.

It’s the clever way to comply and stay ahead.

What is KPMG’s Data Protection Navigator?

Privacy Maturity Assessment

Complete a user-friendly digital self-assessment of the current state of privacy compliance of your organization which has as its framework, the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 and which also considers the best practices in data protection. The assessment can be tailored for multiple roles across business units and geography.


Findings and maturity dashboard

A dashboard is generated based on your organization’s responses to the Privacy Maturity Assessment. This displays the results of the self-assessment in different graphical formats, breaking down and showing you the level of maturity according to privacy domains and identifies the areas that require your focus on remediation and enhancement efforts.


Recommendations and roadmap

An easy-to-read report with practical findings and recommendations impacting your privacy framework that supports and facilitates the next steps in the process of working towards enhancing the organization’s privacy framework.


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Businesses increasingly leverage on digital assets to achieve better operations efficiency and cost savings. KPMG’s tool was developed with these advantages in mind, to help organizations with the complex process of understanding the gaps and pain points to focus on while working towards enhancing their state of compliance with privacy regulations. The first step to manage the privacy of personal data has been made simple with this tried-and-tested tool, an important step in building trust among customers and stakeholders.

Chan Siew Mei
Head of Advisory

For customers to entrust businesses with their personal data, absolute trust is necessary in today’s digital age. This begins with the need to understand the current posture of compliance in the organization. KPMG’s Data Protection Navigator will allow you to build trust sustainably through a structured process to assess, understand, remediate and enhance your organization’s data protection management.

Ubaid Mustafa Qadiri
Executive Director, Technology Risk & Cyber Security