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2022 Global Customer Experience Excellence report – Malaysia highlights

It used to be that a seismic global event occurred periodically but had far reaching consequences when it did. As a result, companies used to reconsider their basic operating models infrequently when they were forced to do so by big shifts in their environments.

But in the last two years alone we have had multiple global events that might all be classed as seismic, including a pandemic, climate crisis and the rapid adoption of disruptive technologies. Closer to home, Malaysia’s 15th general election (GE15) resulted in the formation of a new “unity” government.

These events have arguably changed consumer decision-making criteria, behavior, and needs. Few of these scenarios consistently appeared on the risk radar of global and Malaysian companies before they happened, yet all have had wide reaching consequences.

2022 Global Customer Experience Excellence report

In this latest report, KPMG examined how companies around the world are making these adjustments, taking in the views of more than 89,000 consumers across 25 markets. Within Malaysia, the study surveyed 9 sectors, 75 brands and gathered responses from over 1,000 consumers.

Download our reports to learn from some of these brands that are leading the way forward in customer experience excellence. 

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