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The pandemic, shifting customer needs, changing expectations, rapidly evolving technology and organizational fragmentation have created a significant level of complexity for companies seeking to deliver on the promise of simplicity. Companies have recognized the importance of customer experience and the need to make it easier for their customers and prospects to engage with them.

At its heart, customer experience should be simple, treat customers well and ensure they feel valued so that new customers come and stay, and current customers keeps coming back. This requires breaking down complexity and aligning the business around the customer, based on a deep understanding of the customer, their needs, the marketplace, and your organization.

This year’s Global Customer Experience Excellence Research 2021 examines how leading companies around the world are making these connections. The report assesses emerging best practice across 26 countries, regions, and jurisdictions with over 88,000 customers rating their experiences with some 2,900 companies and identifies organizations leading the pack.

With the rise of digital economy and the advancement of disruptive technologies, products and service offerings have evolved to match the consumer needs. Businesses are changing the way they operate to enable their customer agenda, drive growth and innovation as well as capture competitive advantage.

Alvin Gan
Head of Management Consulting
KPMG in Malaysia

Market Overview: Malaysia

Malaysia has benefited from the rise of the digital economy and the rapid pace of digital transformation, which has resulted in exciting new services and product offers. Brands across the region are evolving to meet customer needs like never before, and customers are wielding more power in modern Malaysia.

Recognized as topping the ranks in this year’s Hall of Fame for customer experience in Malaysia is PETRONAS, followed by Maybank and Shopee. With three brands ranking in the top 10 for customer experience this year, utilities is the highest performing sector in the region. 


PETRONAS has used digital initiatives to provide a customer experience with minimized in-person contact. It has adapted customer experiences at its physical petrol station locations, with e-payment solutions like Setel2, and a food-to-go platform, Makan@Mesra3. Beyond retail, PETRONAS introduced ROVR, the first mobile refueling service in Malaysia for both commercial and everyday drivers.


With customers being made to stay at home for longer period of time, Maybank’s online banking service Maybank2u has offered simplistic yet extensive digital banking services. Its digital services score high for Personalization. 


Shopee aims to provide a personalized shopping experience, with an in-built chat function for customers to get personal service at any time. The platform has allowed many small and medium businesses to keep contact with their customers through financial insecurity, making it a key part of the shopping process at a local level.

Leading CX Brands in Malaysia (Top 10)

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