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Covid-19 has drastically changed the way we do work. While many organizations struggled in the transition to remote working, others used the disruption as a catalyst for change, reimagining the workforce and the organization’s operating model.

A group of exceptional HR organisations demonstrated superior performance, focusing on integrated and mutually reinforcing capabilities, such as employee experience, data and analytics, workforce shaping and digital HR and learning.

These ‘Pathfinders’ have found ways to become true value drivers and enabled new forms of collaboration in the organisation, transforming itself to become a new kind of HR function, one that is required in our digitally transformed reality in a post-COVID world.

In our latest report titled Future of HR 2021, KPMG conducted in-depth interviews with 18 HR leaders from across the globe that we believe were demonstrating characteristics of Pathfinders.

This report shares the lessons and experiences of these Pathfinders. It also seeks to equip Malaysian organisations to move towards becoming Pathfinders through combined insights from the Twelfth Malaysian Plan and Malaysia’s National Budget 2022 to support and build on three (3) key focus areas.

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Future of HR

A Road ahead for Malaysia

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