Climate change is one of the greatest risks of our lifetime, deserving both our utmost attention and urgent action. Prioritizing climate goals in your business is not only about helping to avoid and mitigate risk, but also seizing opportunities and being at the forefront of the transformation to a net-zero world.

To help you achieve your climate goals, KPMG professionals can assist you with a climate risk and decarbonization strategy that includes:

  • Climate risk advisory: We can help you measure, quantify and assess risks and opportunities across supply chains under a wide range of scenarios and understand the impact on business performance. Related services include climate risk stress-testing and financed emissions analysis.
  • Decarbonization pathways to net zero: We can help you gain strategic foresight and operational value in your decarbonization journey, from emissions measurement to implementation, monitoring and reporting. All of this is supported by an array of options, such as renewable energy procurement, energy efficiency, circular economy, supply chain management and many others.
  • Low carbon value creation: We advise companies on how they can capitalize on new low carbon business opportunities, specifically helping to optimize the value of low carbon goods and services in the global economy.
  • Low carbon financing and investment opportunities: We advise clients on the financing and investment aspects of the low carbon agenda, including fundraising and identifying investment partners and merger and acquisition opportunities. This includes both debt and equity solutions.

Our services also include corporate finance advisory, due diligence, including climate due diligence, and tax/accounting advisory.

  • Climate policy advisory: We can assist your business in understanding the evolving climate-related regulatory landscape, including incentive measures and helping companies understand the risks and opportunities of such changes.
  • Other climate services: We are able to provide various other climate services, including the data and technology aspects of decarbonization strategies.

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