People Analytics and Data Science provide key insights into the data about the functioning and value drivers of your organisation, which guide business decisions, taking your organisation’s specific strengths and context into account. In today’s fast-paced business environment, an organisation which neglects a key source of performance data will be at a disadvantage relative to its competitors, who use this data to identify, attract, develop and retain the best possible staff to help their organisation succeed. 

What issues are our clients facing?

  • Uncertainty of employee engagement levels across different departments, locations etc.

  • Lack of understanding of current company culture

  • Problematic and unclear talent retention strategies, lack of recognition and miscommunication.

  • Lack of clarity on what successful leaders and employees look like for the organisation.

  • Unclear view of the current level of soft and hard skills and the level of skills required for future success of the organisation.

  • Intent to implement automation and focus on development of digital skills, however without a clear understanding of which skills are crucial.

  • Issues between certain critical demographic groups (e.g. women vs. men/ legacy employees vs. millennials etc.)

What do we do to help clients tackle these challenges?

  • We enable leaders to make the best use of people-related data and analytics to increase an organisation’s overall competitiveness in the race for high performance.

  • People analytics tools are used online across all locations and are provided in different languages. Furthermore all answers are anonymous and stored on the KPMG platform.

  • Through advanced statistical analysis we are able to identify trends and critical groups in the organisation – i.e. the individuals who pose a greater retention risk and are unlikely to promote employment at the organisation.

The KPMG Employee Engagement Plus Index Survey

The tool measures 11 drivers of employee engagement (e.g. Communication, Resourceful and Challenging Work etc.), as well as calculating the organisation’s Net Promoter Score.

The KPMG Culture Assessment

The tool measures 8 drivers of organisational culture (e.g. Employee Development, Openness to Change, Reward and Recognition etc.) and overall satisfaction with specific areas (e.g. People Management, Salary and Benefits etc.). The survey also provides information related to organisation’s values, descriptors and leaders’ and employees’ qualities.

The KPMG Skills Assessment

The tool measures current level and future requirement of soft and hard skills, educational level and work experience per department and job level.

People Analytics

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