As IFRS Specialists, our team provides consulting support for your company in the course of an audit.

  • Our specialists conduct a number of interviews with employees and provide recommendations on potential bottlenecks that can be identified and challenged by external auditors. Furthermore, our specialists can attend meetings between your company and external auditors and assist in shaping responses to auditor questions of varying complexity.
  • With our support, your company will be able to understand the format and scope of the information that needs to be prepared for an external auditor.
  • Your company can identify accounting and reporting issues that require special attention from management and therefore reduce the risk of an auditor finding significant errors in financial statements.
  • Your company benefits from timely additional expertise as necessary.
  • Your company will be able to develop a clear understanding of the key audit issues that may arise and be in a solid position to address such issues.
  • Your company also benefits from an assessment of the degree of your company’s overall readiness to undergo an audit and obtain a positive auditor opinion.

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