On 28th February 2024, the Malta Tax and Customs Administration issued version 4.6 of the AEOI Implementing Guidelines.

Updates were made to Appendices 1 and 2.

  • Aruba and Thailand have been added as Non-EU reportable jurisdictions for reportable periods 2016 and 2022 respectively
  • Costa Rica has been re-added as a Reportable Jurisdiction with the first reportable period being 2016

Upcoming FATCA-CRS Reporting Deadlines

May we kindly remind you about the upcoming FATCA-CRS Reporting Deadlines for the financial year 2022:

  • 30th March 2024 – submission of Nil Returns and/or Alternative Spreadsheets
  • 30th April 2024 – submissions of XML Schemas

Upcoming FATCA-CRS Seminar

Should you be interested KPMG Learning Academy (KLA) are organising a FATCA and CRS webinar which will be held on 6 March from 9am-11am.

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